Investment Manager

Laura Möller

What do you hope for in the future?

We are still at the very beginning of the technologization of our world and already now everything is so complex, exciting and challenging for us, that we tend to ignore important things. This is why I hope that in the future we will be able to use innovation and technology not only to provide better living conditions for everyone in the world but also to keep the environment in mind and find time for family and friends in addition to work. 

Why do you find working with founders so rewarding?

Many of us know the saying: "If you're the smartest (or nicest) person in the room: Leave". Personally, I perceive it as a gift that until now I have never felt the need to leave. Actually the contrary is the case: I am happy to talk to various founding teams because I always learn something new from people who have an incredible drive and I love to be infected by their enthusiasm.

What kind of company do you find exciting?

Companies that make the world a better place for their customers and employees fascinate me. For me (and for us as VC), the industry is not the decisive factor and the business model cannot be forced into a corset. We are able to invest in a wide variety of areas and find this flexibility very enriching. 

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